Features :-

  • ✔ Can be 100% Customized as per your requirement.

  • ✔ Create labels from your existing data.

  • ✔ Handles 1000s of labels in a few clicks.

  • ✔ Generate qr code, barcode labels.

  • ✔ Label conversions as per country specific requirements.

  • ✔ Reduce risk of errors at every stage.

  • ✔ Starts at just Only.

How to Print Labels from Excel

E-Formz can design and print any type of labels such as shipping label, address label, packing slip, shipping marks, etc along with barcodes, qr codes. Just upload the orders excel sheet on Bulk Label Printing Software @ E-Formz and automatically label is generated one label per order; downloading a single PDF of all those labels combined. With batch label printing, you’ll be able to fulfill your orders more efficiently, saving you precious time. Each label can further be customized.

Bulk Labels for Exporters

Printing Labels managed in central dashboard

Variable Data Printing Services Provided

Great product for Digital Printers! No longer need fancy expensive softwares to do Variable Data Printing. E-formz provides this service at fraction of cost and in minimal turnaround time. Barcodes, QR Codes, customized images etc everything can be programmed and designed just the way you want. We have experience in churning millions of record in matter of hours. Just provide us the base design in JPEG/PDF, variable data in excel and will merge them for you.

Mass Label Simplified

The application's simplicity and intuitive interface is designed for Label Printing, enabling them to generate your labels in a jiffy. Our software does Arithmetic operations such as discounts, text operations, operation with dates and time, rounding, barcode formation, qr code formation and other formulas. A central dashboard manages all your Customized Labels in a snapshot and keep a track of all labels at one place.

Printing Labels managed in central dashboard

Online format of an Label for Exporters

Your Labels, Your Way.

E-Formz gives you complete control over your batch label printing. It allows you to print 1000s of labels in single batch by importing your existing labels sheets on A4 ,A5 or special size depending on your requirements. E-Formz will churn out neat and crisp formatted labels in bulk. Download one download all. Try out our demo label printing software .

Truly Global. Truly Online.

E-Formz is built ground up for multi-user online environment. Upgrades are seamless and you can multilevel hierarchy to set up your distributor or retailer network. E-Formz adheres to the highest technological standards and stringent data backup and security policy has been put in place to ensure complete data safety.You can even restrict the usage to user-specified computers.

Online Tax Invoice Software Distributors and retailers

Other Documents Available on Eformz Include

Eformz Also Provides Office Automation Tools & Forms. There is a variety of forms available for business & personal needs like Bank Cheque Printing, Export Invoice, RTGS Form etc.