E-Formz is an online tool that lets you share, download and print forms. The 2 great things about E-Formz are that you can fill the form online and can even convert your Paper Based Form to Online Form. Know more about E-Formz from our home page.

  • Unlimited Forms / downloads

    As a permium user we do not cap on number of forms that you create, as long as it is within your 5GB quota.

  • More Space

    Store upto 5GB of form data. Enough to store 1000s of forms and documents.

  • Full Access to Form Library

    As our continous to effort to add more and more documents to form library, we give full access to you for the same.

  • Website Integration

    Have your forms directly accessed from your website. For eg. lets say you want a customer feeedback form integrated with your website. Vistiors to your website and fill up the feedback form and the feedback gets directly saved in E-Formz.

  • Email / Telephone Support

    Get prompt Email / Telephone support with premium membership

We will be happy to help you.
We have video tutorials which will guide you for form creation at every step. We also provide sample forms which will help you to fill the form. Please refer to our other Help Topics for further guidance.

No, the Free Account is not a Trial Account as it has no Expiry Dates! You can create the account for FREE. All the basic forms that E-Formz offer, are available to you FREE OF COST. Know about the different memberships that we offer

No, the Annual Subscription is the cost of using the unlimited or premium services for a year. This is the basic charges and additional charges will be applicable if you opt for more custom forms for your account. Checkout all the details here

E-Formz knows that different businesses have different requirements; therefore we convert your personal form to online. First of all you will need to sign up with us as a Premium Member, as you sign-up you get the opportunity to add a custom form for free! Also with the membership, you get to link your form to your website for free and can start conducting online applications!

Of course, as stated above you get a Custom Form with your Premium membership which you can link to your website. You can do all this for just Rs 5000! Read more about how you can convert your personal form online

No, there is nothing wrong with your account. This happened because you are a Free User. As it was mentioned to you when you signed up, that forms created by Free Users will expire in 7 days. For more information, you can visit our Privacy Policy page.

If you have a personalised video tutorial then we will surely use it for your form, just inform us about the video otherwise E-Formz provides a lot of basic tutorials which you can use.

If you have signed up as a premium user and your form has more than two pages then do not worry, just pay for the additional pages and your form will be ready for use. Though we will not charge you for integrating the form to your website.

A template is nothing but document or form from which you wish to automate. A template would be an empty form to be combined with actual data. Just like mail merge. In other words, a template is where the data fields are defined. E-Formz offer a lot of templates that you can modify, in addition you can also add your own custom template! Checkout and fill some example templates with us without even signing-up.

No, if you have signed up as a premium user and have already paid for the additional pages then your form will be integrated with your website without any additional costs. Know more about the Custom form with more than 2 pages

E-Formz provides basic set of documents completely customised for premium customer. Documents such as letter head, envelope, bank cheque, sale invoice etc. These set of documents will be customized as per your stationary and requirements for Free with premium membership.